Wines to Drink to Get Through a Pandemic - Part 4

Well, there's been no rhyme nor reason to this week for me (some of you may be feeling this has been the case for some time now), so consequently there is no rhyme nor reason (nor theme) to today's post. What can I say? I'm giving in to the randomness of the universe right now and just writing about two really lovely red wines that I hope you will try.


Momo Organic Pinot Noir 2018

$19.95  |   VINTAGES#:  163972

Momo, which means offspring in the Maori language, is part of the Seresin family of wines. The winery is owned by Michael Seresin, who spent most of his life in film (with some impressive credits to his name), before opening a winery in the early 1990's with a goal to work in harmony with nature. The Momo wines are certified organic and naturally fermented with wild yeasts, which I feel accounts for the depth and complexity of this Pinot despite its youth and moderate price. (Usually, when looking for an earthy, more complex and mature Pinot Noir you would choose Burgundy and be prepared to drop a small to moderate fortune.)

Pretty garnet colour in the glass. With dried cherry, wet hay, compost, pepper and baking spice, it smells older and wiser than its young age. On the palate the fruit is refreshingly tart and crunchy but has earth and spicy notes that linger. The wine finishes with a lovely tingly acidity that makes it perfect for food. Traditional pairing with Pinot is duck, or lighter meats like roast chicken or pork. I had it with a gorgeous Moliterno cheese with truffles and the deep earthiness of both wine and cheese were a match made in heaven.


Donnafugata Floramundi Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2017

$29.95  |   VINTAGES#:  13451

Donnafugata is a Sicilian winery now in its 5th generation of operation. Aside from making lovely wines, they have a fun creation myth and a very artistic nature:

"The name Donnafugata refers to the novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa entitled Il Gattopardo (The Leopard). [It is] a name that means “donna in fuga” (woman in flight) and refers to the story of a queen who found refuge in the part of Sicily where the company’s vineyards are located today. An adventure that inspired the corporate logo: the image of a woman’s head with windblown hair that dominates every bottle. Donnafugata labels are also works of art created or inspired by Gabriella Rallo, as are the names of the wines, an homage to art and literature." ( - you can see more of the beautiful labels here).

The wine is a blend of native Sicilian grapes Nero d'Avola and Frappato. The nose is heady, with ripe cherries in syrup, cinnamon, rosewater, cocoa powder; an intense scent that feels like diving into a time past. The palate is generous with cherry liqueur, spice, sweet tobacco and bitter chocolate. The wine finishes long with slightly chewy tannins that help to dry out the rich intensity of flavour. I loved this wine just on its own as I found it layered and evocative, deserving of consideration with each sip. It would pair beautifully with slowed cooked pork shoulder in mole sauce and would be interesting with seared tuna or grilled octopus.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy and enjoy your wine.